Cannabis FAQs

Everyone has questions regarding cannabis legalization

We are still waiting to see how things will finally play out. The federal government has empowered provincial and municipal governments to make many of the more detailed decisions about cannabis possession and consumption regulation,  in order to allow each region to govern as they see fit.

Here we’ve summarized key points from Bill 30 - The Cannabis Control and Licensing Act, which was passed on May 17, 2018 by the British Columbia Legislature. They include important aspects of legalization that visitors and the general public alike should be aware of before purchasing, possessing, and consuming cannabis in British Columbia. Click the links at the bottom to view the full legislation and more regarding cannabis legalization.

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Where will I be able to purchase cannabis?

Cannabis can only be purchased  through government approved retailers who have successfully applied for a license.


Is there an age limit to purchase cannabis?

Yes. The age limit is set by the province and varies across the country. In British Columbia you must be 19+ to legally purchase  cannabis. You will be asked for two pieces of ID at retailers, so make sure to have your passport or driver's licence and supporting identification (often a credit card with your name and signature). You cannot purchase, possess, or consume cannabis if you are under 19 in British Columbia and it is illegal to supply minors with cannabis.


Can I resell cannabis that I legally purchased?

No, any cannabis purchased legally cannot be resold.

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How much cannabis can I possess?

According to Bill 30, in British Columbia an adult cannot possess more than 30g of dried cannabis, or an amount equivalent to 30g of dried cannabis. These restrictions do not apply to medicinal cannabis.


Can I bring cannabis home?

That depends on where you live. If you live in British Columbia, yes, but by no means are you allowed to cross international borders with any cannabis purchased in Canada. If you’re just visiting and enjoying the local goods be  sure to finish your stash before you head home.


Can I grow my own cannabis plants at home?

In British Columbia, yes. For non-medicinal cannabis, an adult is allowed to possess four plants in a public place but they cannot be flowering or budding. At home, an adult is allowed to grow four cannabis plants so long as the following condition are met:

  • The adult ordinarily resides there

  • The adult is not growing in another location

  • The seeds are not from illicit sources

  • The plant is not visible to the public

NOTE: Two people residing in one place does not mean the amount they can grow twice as many plants. They are still limited to 4 plants. For medicinal cannabis, more than 4 plants may be grown if the adult is authorized by the Cannabis Act.

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Where will I be able to consume cannabis?

To answer this question, we’re going to work backwards and start with places we know cannabis consumption will not be allowed:

  • At school: You must be a minimum distance away from school properties (distance set by municipality).

  • In your car or boat: No consumption can take place in a vehicle or on a boat.

  • No smoking or vaping*:

    • At skating rinks, sports fields, swimming pools, playgrounds or skate parks.

    • At spray pools, splash pads, or wading pools as defined by the Public Health Act.

    • On decks, seating areas, or viewing areas associated with outdoor spaces.

    • In regional parks as defined by the Local Government Act.

    • In outdoor areas established by a local government for purposes of community recreation.

    • In permanent public parks over which the Park Board has jurisdiction under section 488 of the Vancouver Charter.

    • In workplaces or common areas of buildings.

    • Within prescribed distances from doorways, windows, and air intakes.

    • At bus stops, taxi stops, ferry docks, etc.

  • Just like alcohol, you cannot be intoxicated in a public place.

This article is not official legislation or legal advice.

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