Enhance Your Travel Experience With a Cannabis Tour

Recreational cannabis will be legal October 17 and travellers will be able to experience Vancouver, a city at the heart of BC’s bud culture and commonly referred to as Vansterdam, enhanced like never before!

Maybe you’ve never tried marijuana, but in this new era of legalization you are curious to try and wondering where to start. Or maybe you’ve been a fan of “BC Bud” for years and want to see firsthand what opportunities this whole new weed-friendly world has to offer. Cannabis tours offer a unique opportunity to jump into this new world of legalized pot and budtender-recommended marijuana, and can set you up for a next level vacation experience.

1. Grow Your Product Knowledge


Whether you are new to cannabis or consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, the industry is evolving at a rapid pace and there are new products coming to market regularly. Cannabis products have taken on new forms that some people aren’t as familiar with and can be consumed differently than the typical joint or bowl one might expect. It’s not uncommon to walk into a dispensary for the first time in this modern era of cannabis and feel overwhelmed by the selection. On a tour you’ll have the support of a knowledgeable cannabis guide in addition to the local budtender who can provide you with the most up to date products and information so you can make an informed decision.

2. Access To The Modern Cannabis Industry


Finding your way around a new city can feel overwhelming. To make things worse, many cannabis hotspots are not easily accessible without a private vehicle. When you sign up for a tour, transportation is no longer an issue and you get access to a behind-the-scenes cannabis experience. Now that the driving is taken care of you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your weed while visiting some of the best sites around the city.

3. Learn the New Rules

While cannabis will be legal to purchase and consume on October 17th, this does not mean you will be able to legally light up a joint wherever you please. With legalization comes new regulations across all jurisdictions of government: federal, provincial and municipal, and new ways to enforce them. It’s important for Canadians and visitors to Canada to learn about the regulatory framework and to realize the laws change from city to city and province to province. Tours are designed to help you understand the local rules so you can find peace of mind and enjoy indulging on vacation.

4. Explore BC’s Unique Cannabis Culture


While cannabis culture is interconnected across the globe, there are unique aspects to different geographic areas. Cannabis culture has deep roots in British Columbia and tours are your chance to gain a local perspective on the matter and discover how to maximize your time exploring everything-cannabis Vancouver has to offer.

5. Connect With Other CannaCurious Travellers


On a cannabis tour you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss cannabis with other travellers. Everybody has a unique relationship with cannabis and tours encourage open discussion to explore those relationships and facilitate connections with other guests and the industry professionals you’ll meet along the way. You never know where you are going to make a new friend, and in the cannabis community, that’s what we are all about!


If you’re interested in beginning your adventure with cannabis, or taking your experience to the next level, book your tour today! October 17th is coming quickly and spaces on our first tours are already filling up. We hope to see you soon!